OEM Medical Cables

At JT Technology, we pride ourselves on being a medical cable assembly manufacturer capable of creating highest quality custom medical cables including ECG cables and leadwires, Patient Monitoring cable assemblies, custom connectors and complex harness assemblies.

Our manufacturing capabilities include the following:

  • In-house Design, Tooling and Production Support
  • Production Flexibility and support Just-in-Time requirements
  • Design Engineering, Prototyping straight through to Product launch and Production
  • Supply production run quantities for small to large OEMs
  • Extensive Test facilities including, ECG Waveform, Defibrillation & Tribo Noise
  • 100% Quality Assurance. ISO 13485 Certification for Design, Manufacture and Sales of medical cables

With our capabilities, they give JT Technology a distinct competitive advantage in terms of providing customized cable solutions for medical OEMs.

Although we have a standard product line, our specialities lies in custom cable assemblies and connector design.

Our goal is to provide cost effective OEM solutions without compromising our superior quality.

Whether it is developing concepts, prototypes and eventual production volumes, JT Technology will be along every step of the way.