JT Technology - One Stop Solution Provider of Medical Cable Assemblies

JT Technology is an innovative design and manufacturing company specializing in value add cable assemblies to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for industries ranging from Medical, Instrumentation and Industrial Equipment. Over the past ten years, JT Technology has become focused on providing OEMs with the highest quality and cost effective solutions for their cable assembly needs.

Custom medical cable assembly, wire harnesses and connector design are our specialties.

We have the custom cable design and manufacturing expertise, capable of creating the highest quality custom medical cables. With our key strengths in engineering and ISO 13485 certified production facility in China, JT Technology has the capabilities of providing design assistance in product development, engineering phase as well as high quality and cost effective manufacturing.

From custom design cable assemblies to wire harnesses, JT Technology provides a complete solution for all of your needs. We promise our customers to stay committed as strong and ready supplier cum partner.

Working with us will empower your business and we look forward to the opportunity to prove our capabilities.